Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dark Chestnut Arabian Horse by Della Burgus

Dark Beauty
Oil on Wrapped Canvas
14 x 18

This is an oil painting of an Arabian Horse. I love his fine, aristocratic head and gentle eyes. Horses are among my favorite subjects, which you already know if you have been following my work, There is something especially regal about this breed, a prince among princes. The people who raise and belong to them have told me that they are sensitive, highly intelligent, and loyal.

This painting has been listed on Art Helping Animals and will be for sale on eBay early next week.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Teddy Bear
by Della Burgus
Pastel on Wallis Professional Pastel Paper
Image size: 6 x 9
Mounted on foam core board with a double white mat
Matted size 10 x 14

This painting is dedicated to "Teddy" who lived next door for many years. He wasn't mine, but I loved him too.

20% will be donated to Old Dog Haven Rescue

This painting is sold, thank you for looking...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bengal Tiger

by Della Burgus
Pastel, Image size 9 x 12

Mounted on foam core, with a black mat, size 14 x 18
One of my favorite zoo animals. I love the colors, the crouch, the fierce stare. This pastel is offered on Art Helping Animals . Prints will be offered soon. 20% of the proceeds of the sale will be donated to Tabby's Place, A Cat Sanctuary. Tigers are really just big kitties after all. Just ask any cat!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Pure Elegance

Although I had seen these gorgeous creatures in photographs and on television, I had never actually met one until we visited a dog show about a month ago. I spent some time studying them and talking with their people. They are regal and graceful and I was completely in awe. I was reminded of the quotation by Keats, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever."
This is a pastel, 8 x 10, mounted and matted with a double white mat. Matted size is 12 x 14. It is offered on Art Helping Animals.
Painting has been sold, thanks for looking...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Red Fox, Baby Mountain Lion

Red Fox
9 x 12

Cougar Cub

Pastel, 6 x 8

Trying to play "catchup." It has been a while since I have blogged, but sometimes life gets so busy and so complicated, it is hard to write about it. Lately it seems I have been painting a lot of predators: tigers and wolves, foxes and cougars. They are all beautiful animals, and all have a part to play in God's wonderful creation. Both of these are available through Art Helping Animals

Click on the link below:

Art Helping Animals

Sunday, September 21, 2008

English Springer Spaniel

The Dog Show

I went to a dog show recently. It was the best gift that I could give myself. Dogs have a wonderful effect on people. Well, most people. There were six of these spaniels sitting on grooming tables, some being groomed, others waiting to show. It was an amazing sight. Most of them were black and white, almost identical. They looked regal and serene and beautiful. This one was a different color, a little excited and extremely friendly. Reached out his paw for a "shake" to people as they walked by. Of course, I wanted one of these for my own, but of course, with two dogs already in the house that isn't going to happen. I didn't get to see them show, even though I hung around most of the day. I met a lot of nice, happy dogs, from very large to very small, and I thought about how nice it was for God to make all of them to make our life more livable.

The least we can do is try to return the favor. If you share your life with dogs, give them as good a life as you possible can, love them, enjoy them while you can, because they won't be around on this earth forever. Make every day as precious for them as they do for you.

This painting is currently on the Art Helping Animals blog,
Check out the eBay auction
Click here for auction

20% of the sale will be donated to Old Dog Haven. They do great work for senior dogs. Check out their website:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New White Horse

I have always loved white horses, which you know already if you have been reading my blog for any time at all. They express to me all that is wonderful in life: joy, exuberance, freedom, and the peace that comes with being who you are, and all you were meant to be. I love their excitement before a storm, the joyful excitement that is in harmony with nature. I love the way they love to run, not to race, not to impress anyone, most of the time not because they are in a hurry, but just because they love it. Do they love feeling the wind blowing their mane, or the sound of their hooves as the strike the ground, or the feeling that they could fly if they would go faster, faster? I don't know. But it seems that way to me. And whenever I see a horse running for the joy of running, I think of how it must please the Creator when He sees everything in His creation doing what they were meant to do. Were you meant to run, or sing, or write, or paint? Were you meant to play with children, or pass the time with the elderly? Were you meant to build bridges or drive trucks or play basketball? Whatever it is, do it with passion, with all the passion you have. You will fulfill your purpose and bring a smile to the Heavenly Father.

This painting is an oil on wrapped, stretched canvas, 9 x 12 x 3/4. All edges have been painted, and no staples show on the sides, so it may be hung with or without a frame. It is available through Ebay. 20% of the sale price will be donated to True Blue Animal Rescue.
This painting has been sold, but watch this spot for more horse paintings!

Friday, July 11, 2008

When they show up unannounced...


What do you do when your husband takes the dog for a walk and comes home with something like this? It was all curled up in the middle of the sidewalk, shivering in the cold and trying to sun itself. It's little eyes were matted shut and it was very frightened. Well, the last thing we needed was another mouth to feed, but you can't turn away something that needs your help, so this is our new baby. This picture was taken about a week and a half ago, he has grown since then. I intended to photograph him a little more regularly, but he moves so fast now, most of the pictures are blurry. He has graduated from formula to kitten food and is becoming strong and healthy. He loves playing and finds Q-tips much more fun than toys. Our poodle has become a good buddy, but the border collie is still a little afraid of him. You would be afraid, too, if you saw a little yellow ball of fluff scooting across the floor at you. Our cat does not know about him yet.

Kitten in a Basket
Pastel, 5 x 7
Available through "Art Helping Animals"
20% of the sale of this painting
will be donated to
Tabby's Place, a Cat Sanctuary

This is a pastel of a little tabby kitten that showed up at the house of my husband's parents. My father-in-law warned my mother-in-law not to feed it or she would never get rid of it...
They named him Tiger. My father-in-law was sure he was an exceptionally intelligent cat, and my mother-in-law talked to him as if he were a child. He is about 8 years old now and still loves baskets and boxes. He watches the world go by through a big picture window.

Both of these little guys were fortunate to find loving homes, but many strays do not. Please, please make sure all your pets are spayed or neutered. And visit my friends at Art Helping Animals, a group of online artists who love animals and donate a portion of their sales to animal charities.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Jesus Portrait

Portrait of Christ. The original is 9 x 12. 8 x 10 prints will be offered at $50.00 each.

This is a new painting, pastel on Wallis Premium Professional Pastel Paper, mounted on foam core board. I am not sure I want to part with the original, but prints will be offered soon. Jesus in a quiet moment, perhaps praying, perhaps speaking with someone, perhaps with you or me.

I have done many portraits of Christ during my career. A painting may begin with a model, or just my imagination, but they all seem to end up looking alike. My work is a deep emotional response to the Person I have come to know rather than an attempt to portray a historical figure. Not who He was, but who He has become to me.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tribute to Aslan

Colored Pencil on Canson Paper

Matted, Mounted on Foam Core Board

Image size 8 x 10,
Matted size 12 x 16

A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this item donated to
Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center

Available on Art Helping Animals

I love the work of C.S. Lewis, especially the Narnia series, and also love the movies based on this series. Lewis often draws parallels and creates symbols from the animal kingdom to teach us about ourselves and our relationship to the Creator and creation. One of the most obvious is the character of Aslan, the powerful, mysterious lion who rules the kingdom. His death and resurrection can only be a picture of the passion of Christ. My favorite scene in the first movie was near the end, when Aslan was walking away, leaving Lucy, Tomnas, and the others behind. With tears in her eyes, Lucy asked Tomnas if he would ever return, and Tomnas replied, "In his own time. He is not a tame lion, you know," and Lucy replied that no, he was not.

Sometimes it seems, we forget that God is not tame either. He won't be put in a box, won't be compartmentalized, controlled, or manipulated. Just when we think we understand Him, he does something wild, unexpected - something that makes no sense to us at all. He doesn't always want to meet us in quiet, dignified settings. Sometimes He wants to take us for an exciting, amazing ride. Those are the times we see His power, feel His comfort, get to know Him as He really is. And that is why we are here, isn't it? To get to know Him as He is, not as we want Him to be. We don't have to do great things, we don't have to be in charge, we are even allowed to make mistakes. Our purpose here is to get to know the King, to become His friend. Because we will be spending a long, long time in His presence.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Cavalier King Charles

Small CKC
Painting no longer available

A wonderful, sweet and happy breed of dog who always makes me smile. I first met one in person a couple of years ago at a dog show and just fell in love. Such a beautiful smile, soft fur and a loving spirit!

This little dog has a happy home and a loving family, but there are many dogs and cats who are not so blessed. There is a wonderful group of people who are talented and caring and want to use their talents to bless the creatures, great and small who need our help. The group is called Art Helping Animals, and a link to their website can be found on this blog. A percentage of all art sold is donated to the charity of their choice. They have done some really great work, and I am proud to be a part of it.

Remember that Scripture says, "Not a sparrow falls, that the Heavenly Father does not know..." and I believe those who do fall, will fall into His loving hands. But He has also given us the great privilege and joy of being His hands on earth, catching and holding some of His precious creatures so that they don't have to fall. He delights in giving second chances to all of us, whether we walk on two legs or four. Look around today, and see who you can keep from falling! You may be His agent to bring a second chance to somebody very special.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Artist's Block

Artist: A practitioner of fine arts, especially a painter, sculptor, or muscian. (Webster' II New Riverside Desk Dictionary) Block: the sudden stopping of a thought process with no immediate seeable cause.(ibid)

Need I say more? Actually, I tried to say much more, days ago but was suddenly assailed with Writer's Block as well. Which is tough for a non-writer. I can not explain the perversity within the human make-up which causes the brain to go numb in the middle of the creative process: however there are those who claim that this phenomenom is indeed a PART of the creative process. I don't buy it. Did not the magnificent Creator himself simply speak the words "Let there be light!" And, lo, there was light. Light as it was intended to be -- pure and perfect -- none of this drawing in and erasing, painting and wiping out, and in the case of one artist I know -- washing the canvas in hot water and scraping off all the paint. No, He just "said..." and there it was. So, maybe I was trying too hard, maybe I should start over, begin anew...Maybe I should become a rock musician instead. That's it! I was never meant to be an artist.

But then suddenly, out of the grayness, out of the sludge, out of the chaos, came a white horse with the answer to all my prayers. (Why is it my answers always seem to come on white horses?) Just this morning, I felt the magnetic pull of a canvas that has been sitting in the studio, patiently waiting for me to pull it together. (No, this isn't the one I scraped off!!) For weeks it has waited, while I puttered and splattered on other things, things much more serious, more important, more perfect. I was actually afraid to finish it because I thought I might ruin it! How is that for a neurotic artist? Today I picked up a paintbrush, dipped it into the paint, and played a little bit. I was transported to another world. No suffering, no frustration, just joy (and a little dancing! You are lucky you weren't there!) For joy, for joy! It may be coming back. I may be a painter again someday!! And I have finally remembered that, though art is hard work, there must be that element of play, the light touch, the joy.

I have titled this tentatively, Arabian Knight.
It is a 16 x 20 and will be for sale on Ebay sometime next week, if it ever dries. Thank you for your patience.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lipizzaners and others

Usually in this blog I post photos of the paintings I have been working on, but that ugly little bug that has been flying around, has landed on me, so I haven't done much quality painting during the last week and a half. I did spend some time on a new oil painting of a White Arabian in radiant lighting. It is almost finished, but I won't show you this one as a work in progress; it might diminish its impact if you see it before every last hair is in place.

However, I do have something to show you. My husband and I went to see a performance by the Lipizzaner Stallions on Sunday afternoon. Seeing these beautiful creatures dancing to classical music was overwhelming. Like a little bit of heaven. I took along a sketchbook knowing that it was unlikely I would get the chance to sketch, but my dear husband took lots of pictures for me.

Here is just one of them:


This is not just about animals performing funny and cute little tricks to entertain humans. It is a joint effort between horse and rider, called "dressage," which refers to perfecting the natural gait with long, patient training and mutual appreciation. The result is a beautiful, touching ballet in which the horse and rider work as one. You will be seeing paintings inspired by this wonderful experience during the next few months.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Live Passionately



Some moments in life are commas, some are periods, and others are question marks. But now and then we are blessed with exclamation points, high drama, when excitement swells and emotions boil or bubble over. When a sunset is not just a sunset but a SUNSET, when a horse is a HORSE! and life is full, vigorous, alive. Whether in joy or in sorrow, you know you are alive, right now, in the moment. The key to real life is finding and living those moments when they come. The key to exceptional living is creating those moments when they can't be found. Live in the moment, whatever it is, and know that you are alive. "Feel" the colors, "see" the music and LIVE! this moment, this day. Nearly all animals do this, at least those who are allowed by their humans. Young children do, too, until the pressures and distractions of becoming like everyone else wash away their joy.

The good news is, you can begin at any time in your life. As it says in Scripture:
Live creatively, friends.......Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given, and then sink yourself into that. Don't be impressed with yourself. Don't compare yourself with others. Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own gift.

Galatians 6:1, 4-5, The Message Bible

This passionate horse is painted in Acrylic on stretched, wrapped canvas, 16 x 20 and is listed on eBay this week.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Numero Uno!!!!!

Painting of Beagle
Last week for the first time in 100 years a Beagle won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Congratulations, Uno! Of course, this is not a painting of Uno, as I have not had the pleasure of meeting him, at least not yet. This is a painting of one of the millions of dogs that Uno represents. He is a great dog, as they all are, and he certainly appeared to be thrilled with his victory. I love watching the Westminster Dog show; it is one of the highlights of my year, seeing all the beautiful dogs struttin' their stuff. I do wonder that humans actually consider themselves qualified to judge canines, but as long as the dogs don't complain, I guess it is all right. Of course, I know that if either of my two dogs were to enter, they would win hands down. And I am sure you feel the same about your dogs, or cat, or horse or....
Which brings me to wonder what it is in the human psyche that causes us to turn everything into a competition. It is everywhere, in everything we do. There are so many game shows on television right now, that hardly anyone notices the writers' strike. Everyone has to be smarter, stronger, craftier, more popular, or more ruthless than everyone else. Yes, I know that many animals compete for food or for position, but they don't have this continual need to prove themselves. They don't have to prove anything, they just ARE. Wouldn't it be great just to BE and not have to worry about the impression we make?

One of my favorite little sayings goes like this:

When you are twenty, you worry about what people think of you.
When you are thirty, you don't care what people think of you.
When you are forty, you realize they weren't thinking about you at all!!!
(It is humbling for us when we finally discover that we are not the center of the universe alfter all.)

By the way, this is an 8 x 8 Acrylic on stretched, studio wrapped canvas, and has been listed on eBay today.

Monday, February 11, 2008

New White Arabian


Painting has been sold, thanks for looking...

So many of these amazing creatures have been the subjects of my artwork over the years, but I will never tire of painting them. I love their soft, gentle eyes, their arched necks, muscular bodies. They are works of art in themselves, like sculptures from the very hand of God. I love painting them in different light, seeing how their coats reflect the setting sun, a moonlight run along the water, a fall day. But it is the spirit that really excites me - bold, yet tender, serene but with a passion for living unmatched anywhere in the human realm.

This is a small acrylic, 11 x 14 on Studio Wrapped Canvas. The background is done in the cool blues and lavenders of the dawn. It was listed on eBay Sunday evening, and I would like to dedicate it to all my wonderful customers, those who bought my horses, cats and dogs, as well as the florals, landscapes and seascapes. In the time I have been selling my work online, I have met the most wonderful people from all over the world, who share my love of the awesome world we live in.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Brittany and Golden

Photobucket Photobucket

Two acrylic paintings on 8 x 10 canvas panels, canvas on board. The Brittany, left was listed on eBay Monday evening and will be on for a week. Golden Retriever will go off today. Dogs come in different shapes and sizes, and an infinite variety of temperaments. I have heard the Retriever described as "every day a party and he is the guest of honor." I have met a few like that. The Brittany looks very serious, but I know them to be fun loving and joyful when the occasion calls for it.

For my small-dog-lover collectors, I haven't abandoned you, (being a small dog lover myself also.) It's just that I like doing those paintings on 5 x 7 panels, and my local art supply store no longer carries them. Have some ordered, so I should be painting the "toys" again, soon!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I can't help it, I love painting horses. To me they are one of the most beautifully designed creatures on this planet! No matter the breed, there is a grace about them that can put a ballet dancer to shame. (And I love ballet) All different in color, size, shape and temperament; yet in some fundamental way, all the same incredible animal. You have also probably heard me sing the praises of dogs, cats, and all sorts of wild life in this blog. And creatures are truly my first love.

But of course I realize that animals don't appeal to everyone. Last summer a man stopped by our table at a book signing, looked at one of my cards. and sneered, "So, you paint horses." I smiled and answered, "Yes, I paint a lot of things, if you are really interested, you can see my work on my website." I gave him the card, which he put in his pocket before he walked away. I am sure it went directly to the wastebasket. He was a local politician, someone in county government. You can bet he lost three votes that day -- the author of the book, the other illustrator and me.

I don't know who it is that decided what is an acceptable subject for art, and what is not, but somehow animals have received a bum rap. Not that it matters to me. Anything the Good Lord has taken the time to create is worthy of a painting as far as I am concerned. A flower, an animal, a mountain or the seashore, I have painted them all, and each has its own unique beauty. So no apologies here, and nothing but pity for the county supervisor.
Ooops...A comment from my friend Nita reminded me that I forgot to include details of the painting with this post. It is acrylic on stretched, wrapped, canvas, 12 x 12 x 3/4 inches. The painting continues on the sides of the canvas, all edges painted, so that it is ready to hang with or without a frame. It was listed for sale on EBay Monday evening.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Red Fox


This is an acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas, 12 x 12, and it was just listed on eBay. The red fox is one of my favorite animals to paint. I especially love painting them in the winter; the white snow makes a perfect background for that gorgeous red fur. They are amazing animals.
But then, to me all nature is amazing. And beautiful, and exciting, and other words that haven't yet been spoken. I could paint for several lifetimes and never even scratch the surface of this wonderful world. Of course to me there is no question that it was all created by intelligent design. Intelligent and complicated and breathtaking. When God was all finished creating, He looked at it and said, "It is good." Boy, is that an understatement!!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

German Shepherd

It has been so long since I have blogged, that I had trouble getting into this site. But now that the Christmas season has come and gone, I can begin to work on all those New Year's Resolutions I made. Or should have made. One of them is to write a little more consistently. It was a crazy, busy season, but now things have begun to quiet down a little so perhaps it will be time to get back to the business of living.

I have managed to squeeze in a little time for painting this week. This is an 8 x 10 acrylic on canvas panel, a German Shepherd. In case you haven't noticed, I love dogs, all kinds of dogs. The only dogs I don't love are those I haven't had the opportunity to meet yet, and I know we will be friends when I do. Right now I have only two living with me, but if I sell lots of paintings maybe we can get a bigger place and I can have lots more. Just kidding... or maybe not.

Anyway, my family had two different German Shepherds at two different times on the farm where I grew up and they were completely opposite in temperament and attitude. One considered himself a serious guard dog whose job it was to protect us from every real and imagined threat on the planet. The second was one of those dogs who remain a big puppy all their lives. Everything is a game, and every person a friend. Neither of them will ever be forgotten, and I know that they are both waiting to great me on the Rainbow Bridge.