Monday, October 08, 2007

The Beagle

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A beagle in acrylic on a 5 x 7 canvas panel. I enjoy painting these smaller canvases; they are fun to do, and a fun size for people to collect. They can be hung in a grouping or used to fill in any small space. Of course, my suggestion is that you buy lots of them and hang them all over! It is also a way for me to take a break from larger paintings, work that may be going slow or bogging down. It relieves the tension a bit. For instance, right now I am working on a larger oil painting of three running horses, so full of energy they seem to tire me. This little beagle is also energetic, but it is a somewhat lighter energy, a dancing energy. One of these little guys lives down the street from us and always greets me when I go for my walks. It is a very popular breed, very friendly and inquisitive. The Beagle will be on eBay this week.

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