Thursday, September 13, 2007

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I read the most wonderful story on the Net today! It happened in China. A twelve week old Macaque monkey had been abandoned by its mother and taken to an animal hospital where it was nursed back to health, physically at least. But it seemed depressed, restless and bored until it met the white pigeon. The story didn't give details of their meeting, but they became fast friends and the little monkey now has a reason to live. Now they are inseparable.

That says it all, doesn't it? Thank God for sending us friends! And just when we need somebody the most, He sends along the perfect friend!


Nita said...

What a wonderful testimonial! I see more than a white pigeon. This story could be subtitled "On the Wings of a Dove."

Great photo. Wouldn't that be a great one to paint, but I imagine it is copyrighted and can't be touched ... but maybe use it for inspiration! With your handling of white paint, it would be beautiful!

BTW, I love your latest white horse in the previous blog post.

dellartist said...

Thanks, Nita. I appreciate your comments. I was so touched by this story. It really made my day.