Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Horse Play

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Mare and Foal

This is a pastel, a bit smaller than my usual work when it comes to horses, about 9 x 12, matted to 14 x 18. For horses, I usually like a large space, but this one seemed to call for a more intimate painting. The painting was inspired by some horses I have often admired when I am out driving around. I had thought they were a herd of white horses, but one day saw this mother and child standing by the fence. I loved the contrast and thought it such a touching scene, I had to paint it. I expect to list this on eBay sometime today or tonight.

A portion of the sale of this painting, as well as another already listed, will be donated to Horse Play, a wonderful non profit organization that cares for abused or neglected horses, as well as those who are about to be sent to slaughter. They find homes for animals who can be rehabilitated and adopted, and the others are given a home for the rest of their lives. They believe that all life is sacred, and that does my heart good. God has blessed us with a wonderful world, and filled it with such amazing animals. All He asked was that we take care of them. These people are doing a great job with some of the most loyal, noble creatures of all. Even if you aren't ineterested in a painting right now, please consider donating to their cause. You can read about them on their website. A link is provided under "Links" at right. The address is

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