Saturday, March 17, 2007

Black and White

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And white and black.

Two cute little kittens, full of life and energy. I was fascinated by the different personalities of these two. The whiter one, somewhat quieter, though still alert, seems almost thoughtful; the other is posed and ready for action - NOW! I hope to list this pastel on eBay tomorrow (Sunday) evening. It is finished but the pbotographs are not as good as they should be, so it may take a little more time.

Works in Progress: A kitty under a table, a white cat in a window, and a Yorkshire Terrier portrait.

I hope it is a lovely spring day where you are. We had some of those this week, but this morning there was snow on the ground. I am going to cheer myself up by going to a lawn and garden show. Can't say I care much about lawns but gardens (with flowers in them) are great!!!
Have a good day.

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