Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Do Horses Dream?

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Of course, no one knows for sure but the horses and they aren't telling. A lot of "experts" think that they can't dream because they have no soul, but we know better, don't we? There is a belief among the Irish people that children, before they reach the age of reason (whatever that may be), are still able to see angels and hear the music of Heaven. Their minds have not been so cluttered with the things of this earth that hide such sights and sounds from the rest of us. If I choose to believe the same about animals, who can prove me wrong? Every now and then, I see this faraway look in the eyes of my dog Barney and I long to know what he is seeing that I can't see. I have seen the same look in the eyes of horses and cats, haven't you? Sometimes I am embarrassed by the arogance of mankind. We could learn a lot from the animals; things such as unconditional love and absolute trust and devotion, honesty, courage and joy.
White horses and dreams seem to be a recurring theme with me. They are beautiful animals to admire and appreciate but for me there is something spiritual about them. They seem almost other-worldly, magical creatures. Of course, this notion would change if I were the one cleaning the barn, I am sure. I have probably seen too many movies and heard too many of my mother's bedtime stories when I was a child.
This, I think, is the finished painting, and if no adjustments need to be made, I will list it on eBay tomorrow. For those of you who are familiar with my more realistic work, don't worry, I haven't left it. Even now there is an acylic painting of a cat under a table (or maybe a chair) that is more that style. Well, it may be an oil painting, we will see what happens.

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