Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Black Cat on Black

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Did you ever notice that God doesn't do anything boring? When He gives a fur coat to an animal, even if it looks like a solid color, it is as myriad and varied as the animal kingdom itself. If you look closely at this cat, you will see purple/blues and browns in the shadow areas and silvers and reds in the highlights. I plan to list this pastel on eBay this evening. It is a pastel on Stratmore Pastel paper, matted and mounted on foam core board.


Lorraine said...

I love the painting of your black cat. I agree with your statement that there is no such thing as a solid colour in the fur of animals. I have painted my "pure white" kitty many times and he also has greys, purples and even pink in his coat. This painting is of yours is beautiful.

dellartist said...

Thank you Loraine!