Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Kitten in the Window

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Well, after a month of Christmas Preparations, computer problems, and illness (couldn't have been the flu--we all had our flu shots, right?) I finally made it back to my blog. I promised you this painting a long time ago, and here it is. What is it about windows and kitties? Whenever I go for a walk and feel a pair of eyes staring at me, I look up and there they are, looking out the window. Do you ever wonder what they are thinking about? Whatever it is, they do some deep thinking. This was listed on eBay earlier today.

Tomorrow I will list a red gold horse. I have been working on him for a while also.
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Wish I had a good title for this one. If you think of one, let me know.

A new year is a good time for new directions, and there are some in the works. I will be closing my eBay store soon, so that I can focus more time and energy in other areas. I have some exciting new plans for my website, and have been exploring various online galleries. My paintings will still be listed on eBay, but I won't be maintaining a store. I will continue to accept commissioned pet portraits, but it will be through the website. I will keep you posted.

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