Thursday, December 06, 2007

December Thoughts

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This little West Highland Terrier portrait is on eBay this week. One of my favorite breeds to paint. It is small--11 x 14, and would make a nice little gift for the dog lover on your list. The more I paint dogs, the more I love painting them. There seem to be an infinite variety of them but they all have certain things in common. Number one on the list: the ability to give unconditional love. I have been thinking a lot about unconditional love lately, as well as its source...

It has been a while since I have found the time to sit down and write this blog. Sometimes my life gets so busy I don't have time to think about it, let alone write. Christmas is a busy, crazy time of year. I love decorating, hate shopping, and am a real sap for Christmas movies. Not all of them, of course. Have seen too much of Rudolf and Frosty during my lifetime, but can never get enough of "It's a Wonderful Life," "Miracle on 34th Street" and "A Christmas Carol." I like the one with George C. Scott. Taped it many years ago when we were both much younger. Of course, it has become available on DVD, but for now I will stick with my taped version, complete with IBM commercials starring the cast of M*A*S*H. We were ALL much younger then.

However, there is one Christmas story that will never get old, the original, and as artists always tell you, the original is the best. It captures line, the color, the the heart of the subject like no copy ever could. It was because of a baby, born in a stable in Bethlehem over 2,000 years ago that we celebrate Christmas, it is because of Him we are even having this discussion. Whether we acknowledge Him or not, He is the reason we do all this. Because "God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son," we live like idiots every December. But despite all the craziness that has become Christmas, He is still here, loving, giving. This year, I am going to try to remember Whose birthday it is I celebrate. It will make this season a lot more peaceful.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Joy, Strength and Peace

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I read recently that when we pray God sends powerful angels riding swift white horses with the answers to our prayers. This may or may not be true, but it is lovely to think about. I have always thought there was something spiritual about horses, even though I did grow up on a farm and know that there is much about them that is also NOT spiritual, or at least it seemed so at the time. Anyway, whatever your need is today, I hope you will share it with the Heavenly Father and that He sends the answer swiftly. May love, joy, peace and strength be yours today.

This is an 18 x 24 inch oil on classic stretched canvas, stapled on the side, ready for the frame of your choice. It is done in a style somewhat different from my usual. After a summer of commissioned portraits, which I love, but tend to stress over because I want them to be just right, I felt the need to do something different, a little freer. The Impressionist style, the loose brushwork and light colors seemed to fit the spirit of the subjects. It is listed this week on eBay.

Monday, October 08, 2007

The Beagle

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A beagle in acrylic on a 5 x 7 canvas panel. I enjoy painting these smaller canvases; they are fun to do, and a fun size for people to collect. They can be hung in a grouping or used to fill in any small space. Of course, my suggestion is that you buy lots of them and hang them all over! It is also a way for me to take a break from larger paintings, work that may be going slow or bogging down. It relieves the tension a bit. For instance, right now I am working on a larger oil painting of three running horses, so full of energy they seem to tire me. This little beagle is also energetic, but it is a somewhat lighter energy, a dancing energy. One of these little guys lives down the street from us and always greets me when I go for my walks. It is a very popular breed, very friendly and inquisitive. The Beagle will be on eBay this week.

Monday, October 01, 2007

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A black Friesian Horse, running through the moonlit night. I love horses of all kinds, love painting them. There is something so mysterious about a black horse that makes it especially exciting, though most Friesians have been described as "docile, and gentle." I understand it is one of the oldest breeds of horse, was used by the ancient Romans. This is on eBay right now and will be offered through Wednesday.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Persian Beauty

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A beautiful silver Persian cat. I love cats, all sizes, shapes and colors, and although most who have shared my life have been the mixed-breed variety, I find the more exotic breeds fun to paint also. Despite their aristocratic appearance, most Persians are as sweet, loving and playful as other kitties, but oh, that soft, lovely fur! This is listed on eBay and is one of a series of small, collectible canvases that can be hung singly or in a grouping.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

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I read the most wonderful story on the Net today! It happened in China. A twelve week old Macaque monkey had been abandoned by its mother and taken to an animal hospital where it was nursed back to health, physically at least. But it seemed depressed, restless and bored until it met the white pigeon. The story didn't give details of their meeting, but they became fast friends and the little monkey now has a reason to live. Now they are inseparable.

That says it all, doesn't it? Thank God for sending us friends! And just when we need somebody the most, He sends along the perfect friend!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Finally, a NEW WORK!!!!

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White Passion

I heard recently that if you pursue your passion you will bump into your purpose, but it you look for purpose without passion you will lose them both. Art is my passion, white horses are a passion, as are black, brown, red and spotted ones. Dogs and cats are my passion, and wildlife. Flowers, seascapes and lighthouses. All that should keep me busy for years and years...

This white horse is in acrylic on wrapped, stretched canvas and is available on eBay this week. Back to one of my favorite subjects in a different medium.

It has been a while since I have posted anything new. Computer and personal problems have limited my painting time for a while, but now I am back on track. We have installed a computer with more power and it seems to be working well so far. I don't like to spend more time on computer than in my studio!
Look for more artwork this week and in the weeks to come. More horses, of different colors, dogs, cats, wildlife.....

Monday, July 30, 2007

Amish Horse and Buggy

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An acrylic painting on gessoed masonite board, 12 x 16. A few years ago while traveling through Missouri on "spring break," we didn't see much spring but we did see many of these familiar black buggies and gorgeous dark horses, waiting patiently for the return of their owners. The Amish are among my favorite subjects, and I hope to portray the strength of their faith and their simple devotion to God. This will be listed on Ebay on Monday evening.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Amish Boy

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The Amish way of life is familiar to those of us in the Midwest and the Amish horse and buggy is not an uncommon sight on the roads in this region. I have great respect for those gentle people who choose the simplicty of this lifestyle; for their faith, their devotion, their love, and their industriousness. I hope this love and respect shows in my paintings. From them I have learned to focus on the things that are really important in this life: faith in God, the love of family and friends, and honest work. This painting is a mixed-media in watercolor with pen and ink and colored pencil. It has already sold, but I am hoping to finish an acrylic painting next week of an Amish horse and buggy in the snow. You will see it here first!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

New White Horse

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This is the newest in my White Horse series, an Arabian in an elegant pose. Most of the paintings in this series have been in pastel, but this is acrylic on stretched, wrapped canvas. It is a slightly different direction for the series, but I have tried to continue to explore the spirit of the horse and portray that magical "something" that makes it the special animal it is. This one was sold before it could be listed on eBay or posted on my website, but I will never stop painting white horses, so there will be another soon.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Three Little Dogs

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This is a commissioned work, a 16 x 20 acrylic on stretched, wrapped canvas, and it is very special to me, because of the wonderful dogs and because of the story of Keeper, the poodle in the middle. She was rescued during Hurricane Andrew by a very compassionate woman who worked with an organization appropriately named "Noah's Ark." Keeper was in very bad condition, and the veterinarian didn't hold out much hope for her survival. But Kathi loved her back to health and one day was rewarded with a bark and a wag of the tail. I never had the pleasure of meeting Keeper, but I can sense her sweet, sweet spirit. Do something kind for an animal friend today, or find some people who are doing a good work and help them out. You will never regret it.

Summer going fast. I hope it is cool and pleasant wherever you are. Summer used to be the time for me to find inspiration in painting and traveling, but I have been staying home the past few years. So I have been busy with commissions, but not as much "free painting." Last week we cleared out our studio, (for the first time in a l-o-n-g time) in order to put in a different rug. Pastel dust has a way of settling in on things and the change was way overdue. But once the room was emptied, we realized a coat of paint was needed, and one thing led to another, and the hour and a half of work ended up taking a half day, plus another getting everything put back where it belonged. Fortunately a lot of organizing and "downsizing" takes place during times like this, so now I will have a new studio to work in, if I ever get there.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Horse Play

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Mare and Foal

This is a pastel, a bit smaller than my usual work when it comes to horses, about 9 x 12, matted to 14 x 18. For horses, I usually like a large space, but this one seemed to call for a more intimate painting. The painting was inspired by some horses I have often admired when I am out driving around. I had thought they were a herd of white horses, but one day saw this mother and child standing by the fence. I loved the contrast and thought it such a touching scene, I had to paint it. I expect to list this on eBay sometime today or tonight.

A portion of the sale of this painting, as well as another already listed, will be donated to Horse Play, a wonderful non profit organization that cares for abused or neglected horses, as well as those who are about to be sent to slaughter. They find homes for animals who can be rehabilitated and adopted, and the others are given a home for the rest of their lives. They believe that all life is sacred, and that does my heart good. God has blessed us with a wonderful world, and filled it with such amazing animals. All He asked was that we take care of them. These people are doing a great job with some of the most loyal, noble creatures of all. Even if you aren't ineterested in a painting right now, please consider donating to their cause. You can read about them on their website. A link is provided under "Links" at right. The address is

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Maine Coon Calico

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I have painted many Main Coones and no two are exactly alike, but most of them resemble my Mother-in-law's kitty, Tiger, with its tabby stripes. Even though this lovely lady is a calico, she is every inch a Maine Coon, with the soft, luxurious fur, bright eyes and gentle yet completely independent nature. She was listed on eBay Tuesday evening.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Work in Progress

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Native American Boy
Work in Progress

This is something of a shift in directions, and in a way a return to my roots. No, I am not Native American, I am speaking as my roots as a painter. Portrait painting was my first love and my primary interest for many years. I was fascinated by the human face and the stories revealed in each expression. A lifetime of joy and sorrow and a million other emotions can be found in the human face, if only you will look beneath the surface. While I still do lots of commissioned portraits, my non-commissioned work has been focused a bit more on animals, flowers and seascapes. This is a return to painting a portrait for the the pure joy and adventure of it. It still needs a little work, but I hope to pull it all together in the next couple of days and list it online soon.
Years ago, while vacationing in Colorado, I watched a beautiful performace of dance and was thrilled when a young Native American boy graciously allowed me to photograph him. I tucked the photo away and had almost forgotten it, but came across it recently when trying to organize my studio. The intense expression on his face and the bright colors of his costume fascinated me and I knew it would have to become a painting. By the way, I never did finish straightening up my studio.
It was my third grade teacher and her love of all things Native American who first inspired me to look at their art and culture. I think that experience opened the door to the discovery of amazing and beautiful people from many cultures in the world.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Midnight Run

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Beautiful black horses have fascinated and inspired me since I fell in love with Zorro as a child. Reruns of the Disney Zorro on TV I mean, although the movie version with Antonio Bandera was good,too. (I have no idea how to spell his name.) All of this probably dates me, but in my defense, I was a very young child and they were very old reruns. Anyway, the TV Zorro was my hero, but I don't know whether I was more in love with him or his horse.
I chose a dark background just to see what would happen and used backlighting for a dramatic effect. Earlier this year I had tried doing a black cat on black background and really loved the result. For me, one of the greatest joys of being an artist is the element of surprise, you never know what is around the next bend. Sometimes breaking all the rules uncovers a whole new dimension, a new direction to travel. And each new day is the beginning of another journey. I hope you are enjoying the trip.
This pastel painting is being offered on eBay this week. Click on the link to see more.

Black Horse

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Red Fox

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Just listed on Ebay, a close-up of a red fox in pastel. This is a finished painting, 12 x 12 inches, mounted on foamcore board with a 2.5 inch mat. I am fascinated by these amazing creatures that remind me of domestic cats and dogs, yet they are still wild animals, predators, actually. I love the expressive eyes and the luxurious fur coat. This painting may also serve as a study for a larger work, a full painting of the fox probably a snow scene. That is something I will be thinking about for sometime in the future.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Family Group Portrait

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Putting the final touches on a graphite portrait of a family, three loving generations. Over the years, I have been asked by many families to create portraits, and it always makes me feel honored.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Newest Work

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The newest in my series of white horses, I haven't come up with a title for this one yet. It was supposed to be up on eBay yesterday, but I have been having computer problems so it hasn't been listed yet. This is a pastel on Canson Paper, about 17 x 21. It will be mounted on foam core board and shipped with a 2.5 inch mat.
The white horse has long been a favorite subject of mine; lately I have been painting them in motion. The background colors, blue to pink to peach, suggest a sunset. I love the way the colors are reflected in the coat of the horse, love the strength and beauty of the animal. I wanted to convey both the strength of the animal and a tenderness and nobility of spirit.
Today I will be working on an oil painting of a white kitty looking out a window. At least I think that is what I will be doing. Sometimes I don't know what I will be working on until I get to my studio.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Mother Cardinal on the Nest

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She is trying very hard to be invisible, but I think she has found a nice, dry place to raise her young - just under the porch roof. Soon she will be almost hidden by the clematis vines. We hope she and her little ones will be safe, we will try to keep them that way.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

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This is the new family that moved onto our porch this year. Don't think I have ever seen a cardinal egg this close before.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Spring is here!

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A photo of the Robins, a family who moved in over the door to our gallery a couple of springs ago. We thought it was an odd place for a nest, but they seemed very happy there. It was worth the mess they made just to have the opportunity to watch them as they grew. Mamma and Pappa Robin both took very good care of them until they were old enough to fly away.
This year a Cardinal is raising her family in the clematis vine on our porch. I worry for their safety a little because they are too close to the ground and vulnerable to predators, but Mamma Cardinal thinks she has found the perfect spot. And as the leaves come out, she is camouflaged. If I can ever get her to sit still for a photo, I will post it here.
Happy Spring!!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spinning my wheels

There must be some value in working and reworking the same painting over and over again until it becomes three inches thick, but I can't imagine what it is. And what it is in the artistic spirit that refuses to allow a painting to die a dignified death but keeps trying to resurrect something that wasn't working in the first place. Tomorrow I will start fresh, on a new canvas, and probably get farther in two hours than I have in a week on the first one. It is a commissioned portrait and I will finish it and it will look exactly as I visioned it. But not on this day; not on this day. It is essential for an artist to know when to give up and when to keep fighting.

Lord give me the serenity to accept what I can not change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know when to give up and start over.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Blog Subscription

Hey, if you like getting email, subscribe to my blog. You will receive regular updates and information regarding new work. Just type in your address and you will be added to my mailing list. Click on "preview" to get an idea of how it will look. I will try to blog at least two or three times a week.

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Work in Progress

Commissioned portraits have been keeping me busy over the past few weeks, so my other work has slowed down. But here is the beginning of a large pastel of a white horse. You can see my charcoal drawing, with only a very light layer of color added. I begin with a light touch, building up the layers gradually so that changes in composition or color can be made in the initial stages of the painting. I haven't really decided on the background yet, so if you have any ideas, I would love to hear them. I can't tell you when this will be finished - it depends on how well my commissions go.
Is anybody having spring yet? It has been snowing all day here. I am ready for some sunshine and flowers!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Main Coon Cat

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This pastel painting of a Main Coon cat is finally finished and photographed. It will be listed on eBay today and appears unfinished in the previous post on this blog as a "work in progress." Cats are wonderful works of art in themselves. Beautifully designed and colored, no two are exactly alike....And if by chance you find two who look like twins, chances are they are completely opposite in temperment. Creation is diverse and wonderful and so are we. The Creator planned it that way because if we were all alike, what a boring world it would be. Pets and wild creatures tend to accept themselves as they are. Actually they enjoy being what God created them to be. We could all learn something from that. You are a design, not an accident. Celebrate your individuality today! It is what makes YOU be YOU. God loves just as you are, and so do I!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Yorkshire Terrrier and a Maine Coon in Progress

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New on eBay! Listed last night: A cute little Yorkie, one of the most joyful dogs that in all of God's creation. Friendly, playful and with a great sense of humor, they are also loyal, gentle companions. I had the pleasure of knowing one quite well when a dear friend adopted him. I believe we can learn a lot about God by studying His creation and I can see His hand quite well in little creatures such as this. If you tend toward the melancholy, take yourself too serously and don't have enough joy in your life, you need to make friends with a Yorkshire Terrier. And say a prayer or two. It wouldn't hurt and you might be surprised at how much it helps.

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Work in Progress

Not quite finished, but will be listed soon. A portrait of a Maine Coon cat in pastel, with the typical multicolor coat and luminous green eyes. This is such a beautiful, very distinctive breed, yet I have painted several of them and no two individuals are exactly alike. My mom-in-law has one of these and he is always a character: independent, yet a loving companion. This needs a little more work and a better photograph. It should be listed tonight or tomorrow.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Black and White

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And white and black.

Two cute little kittens, full of life and energy. I was fascinated by the different personalities of these two. The whiter one, somewhat quieter, though still alert, seems almost thoughtful; the other is posed and ready for action - NOW! I hope to list this pastel on eBay tomorrow (Sunday) evening. It is finished but the pbotographs are not as good as they should be, so it may take a little more time.

Works in Progress: A kitty under a table, a white cat in a window, and a Yorkshire Terrier portrait.

I hope it is a lovely spring day where you are. We had some of those this week, but this morning there was snow on the ground. I am going to cheer myself up by going to a lawn and garden show. Can't say I care much about lawns but gardens (with flowers in them) are great!!!
Have a good day.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


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One of my favorite breeds. (If you know me well, you know they all are! Honestly! I would have one of everything if I could take care of them all. That goes for cats, too!) Anyway, this particular dog is all dog -- great sense of humor, but very serious about important things, dog things. Affectionate yet independent and sometimes in his own little world. This pastel will go on eBay this evening.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Works in Progress

Two new works in progress. You know, you are really special, because I don't often allow people to see my artwork until it is completely finished. I don't leave unfinished works sitting around when I know someone is coming for a visit. But for you, well here is a painting of Kitty dozing under a chair, or I might turn it into a table.

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As you can see, I have just begun this one, so don't judge it too harshly yet. It may not be finished until the middle of next week.

And here is a pastel of a Beagle. He will probably be finished tomorrow and listed tomorrow evening.
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I may show you an update of him later today.
Well, I hope it is warm and dry wherever you are. We had our second big blizzard of the season as well as the second blzzard of the week last Thurs, Fri,Sat, and parts of Sunday. Nice to get them over with all at once. Maybe we can have spring now.
I get to do my taxes this afternoon. Can think of at least a dozen things I would rather be doing. Maybe even hundreds of things. Have a good one!!!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Elegance Personified

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Usually I post on Tuesdays and Fridays, or at least I try, but here it is Thursday already. Chalk it up to one nasty snowstorm and one painting that wouldn't take a good picture. I will try to make it up to you tomorrow by showing you two works in progress that should be completed some time next week. I like to work on more than one thing at a time -- it keeps me from "overworking" a piece.
This elegant creature will be on eBay sometime today. The painting is in pastel on a new surface by Jack Richeson, called Unison Premium Pastel Surface mounted on Gatorboard. It is new to me anyway. The surface is said to "grab" the pastel a little more than regular pastel paper so less fixative is used and less care in handling is necessary. That remains to be seen. I do enjoy trying new things even though they sometimes don't work out. I fell in love with pastel the first time I tried it, but I did have to try it. The same with acrylic, but I had to "try" it several times before I finally decided to like it. All of my favorite stand-bys began as trying out something new. And that's my thought for today.

P.S. There is a "blizzard warning" out for toda, so if we lose our power, I won't post tomorrow either!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Do Horses Dream?

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Of course, no one knows for sure but the horses and they aren't telling. A lot of "experts" think that they can't dream because they have no soul, but we know better, don't we? There is a belief among the Irish people that children, before they reach the age of reason (whatever that may be), are still able to see angels and hear the music of Heaven. Their minds have not been so cluttered with the things of this earth that hide such sights and sounds from the rest of us. If I choose to believe the same about animals, who can prove me wrong? Every now and then, I see this faraway look in the eyes of my dog Barney and I long to know what he is seeing that I can't see. I have seen the same look in the eyes of horses and cats, haven't you? Sometimes I am embarrassed by the arogance of mankind. We could learn a lot from the animals; things such as unconditional love and absolute trust and devotion, honesty, courage and joy.
White horses and dreams seem to be a recurring theme with me. They are beautiful animals to admire and appreciate but for me there is something spiritual about them. They seem almost other-worldly, magical creatures. Of course, this notion would change if I were the one cleaning the barn, I am sure. I have probably seen too many movies and heard too many of my mother's bedtime stories when I was a child.
This, I think, is the finished painting, and if no adjustments need to be made, I will list it on eBay tomorrow. For those of you who are familiar with my more realistic work, don't worry, I haven't left it. Even now there is an acylic painting of a cat under a table (or maybe a chair) that is more that style. Well, it may be an oil painting, we will see what happens.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Work in Progress

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I was looking through one one my portfolios and discovered a drawing done in white charcoal pencil on Indigo Canson Paper. I began the work some time ago, but for one reason or another, never took it past the initial drawing. Seeing it today revived the vision. So I began modeling the horse and laying in color. The blues and lavendars make up the colors of dreams, the dreams of wild freedom. Of course it has a long way to go and I am not sure I like the composition, but I love the energy, the freedom, the colors and I hope I can carry out the dream. Fortunately pastel is a medium that CAN be changed and corrected. If it works, I will show you the final product. If it doesn't we will forget I said any of this, right?

This would probably be a good place to confess that every painting does not always work out the way I plan. And sometimes I DON'T plan. At least not enough. Sometimes the spontaneous ones turn out to be my most successful. And sometimes they turn into total disasters. This would also be a good time to tell you that sometimes the experience of painting is more important than the finished product. But sometimes the whole experience is nothing but pain. Still, I would rather be doing this than anything else in the world. And as long as there is beauty in the world, especially in the form of cats, dogs, horses, wildlife and flowers, I will continue to paint them, not because I want to but because I have to.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kitten Playing with Flowers.

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Two signs of Spring and two of my favorite subjects: kittens and flowers. Just painting this made me feel better. Spring WILL come, flowers will bloom and kitties will play with them. This is one of a series of paintings of cats and flowers, a subject I hope to revisit often. The most recent one (I think) was "White Cat With Rose" an acrylic I did last year. "Kitten Playing with Flowers" is a pastel and somewhat more impressionistic than many of my other paintings of cats. Pastel seemed to suit the lightness of the moment and I painted it losely to portray her carefree spirit. I will try to put this on auction on EBay this evening.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Black Cat on Black

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Did you ever notice that God doesn't do anything boring? When He gives a fur coat to an animal, even if it looks like a solid color, it is as myriad and varied as the animal kingdom itself. If you look closely at this cat, you will see purple/blues and browns in the shadow areas and silvers and reds in the highlights. I plan to list this pastel on eBay this evening. It is a pastel on Stratmore Pastel paper, matted and mounted on foam core board.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Norwegian Forest Cat

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This is the final painting, but I am not sure I like this photo, so I may take another. It will be listed on eBay on Tuesday evening or sooner if I can get it done. I find it is harder to move fast when the temperature hits the zero mark, or close to it. I hope it is warm and pleasant wherever you are.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Work in Progress

A new pastel in progress. This is a Norwegian Forrest Cat. She is so beautiful. The cat, I mean, not the painting. It still needs a little "tweaking" and I have to photograph it (this is the scanner version and doesn't look quite right.) It will be ready to list on eBay Monday, I hope.
This is an affectionate, good tempered kitty; playful, but only when she feels like it, so graceful when she walks. It is a joy just to watch her and she was so much fun to paint. She doesn't belong to me, but I would love to have one like her. Cats are very special people, as individual and independent as they come, but so full of love. Cat lovers are also very special people -- of course I can say that because I am one of them!!!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Winter Blues

I heard on the news that yesterday, January 22, was the most depressing day of the year. Scientists had actually taken time out from their busy days, doing whatever it is they do (that wasn't a slam, I know they do some very important stuff, I just don't have a clue what it might be) anyway that they had taken the time to calculate this, factoring in the weather, post holiday letdown and bills coming due. It is comforting to know that we have no way to go but "up" from here. Of course, this raises a lot of questions, such as who paid for this study, how much did it cost. The answer to those questions would probably make us all blue, and where did the term "blue" come from anyway. I think I have probably heard the answer to that before but long since forgotten it. My sister would know but since she is not a computer person, she will never see this blog. And that is good, because I am sure she would correct my grammar.

I wonder what it really is that makes us blue. More importantly, what makes us happy? What is the opposite of blue? Pink? Magenta? Orange. Of course, the color complement.

What makes you happy?

It makes me happy to be surrounded by dogs and cats, or dogs or cats, depending on the dogs and cats. Of course I love horses, too and chipmunks and birds and lions, tigers and bears, as long as they don't get too close. I love to have a whole day for painting which brings me to the real reason for this post. If you have noticed I haven't been showing much art here lately, it is because I don't have much to show at this point. I have been working on a large commissioned portrait of a family of eight, which can not be finished in an afternoon or so. I have taken time out for other work, but all I have to show for it are several unfinished canvases and one poor, pitiful pastel that I can use to teach people how NOT to paint.

What makes you blue?

Oh, my, I don't think I want to go into that list. Just thinking about it will depress me.
Besides, doesn't the Bible say, "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."

Now that is food for thought.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Kitten in the Window

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Well, after a month of Christmas Preparations, computer problems, and illness (couldn't have been the flu--we all had our flu shots, right?) I finally made it back to my blog. I promised you this painting a long time ago, and here it is. What is it about windows and kitties? Whenever I go for a walk and feel a pair of eyes staring at me, I look up and there they are, looking out the window. Do you ever wonder what they are thinking about? Whatever it is, they do some deep thinking. This was listed on eBay earlier today.

Tomorrow I will list a red gold horse. I have been working on him for a while also.
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Wish I had a good title for this one. If you think of one, let me know.

A new year is a good time for new directions, and there are some in the works. I will be closing my eBay store soon, so that I can focus more time and energy in other areas. I have some exciting new plans for my website, and have been exploring various online galleries. My paintings will still be listed on eBay, but I won't be maintaining a store. I will continue to accept commissioned pet portraits, but it will be through the website. I will keep you posted.