Thursday, September 28, 2006

Work in Progress: Step 2

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Next I cover the canvas with a thin coat of paint and establish the patterns of light and dark. At this point I am using acrylic paint thinned with water, so that I can change my mind and make adjustments if necessary. While it dries I work on something else. Sometimes at this point I will leave the painting for a day or so in order to put a little distance between us. It keeps me from overworking it.

Work in Progress:Palomino Horse

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Thought I would share a little of my creative process with you. The really difficult part comes before a paintbrush ever touches the canvas. Many sketches, ideas for compositions, many sheets of paper wadded up and thrown away. Finally deciding on the composition. I want to portray strength and a little drama here. The horse is sketched on the canvas with charcoal, then I paint over the lines with a thin acrylic in a dark color. Doesn't look like much but a lot of work went into it.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


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My newest floral, drying on the easel in my studio. Oils take several weeks to dry, but there is nothing better for painting flowers. We planted this hibiscus next to the garden shed, not realizing it was the "dinner plate" variety. What a surprise two years later when the bush was filled with big, beautiful lush blooms! More like a platter than a dinner plate.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday, Sept. 25

I seem to be spending way too much time on the computer lately, and not as much time painting as I would like. Today, with the sun shining brightly, would be a good day to spend in the studio painting. In a few days I will show you my newest floral that seems to be taking its time to dry and soon I will be posting a work in progress which will be fun for me. At the same time it is a risk. I hardly ever allow anyone (except my husband) to see my work until it is completely finished. So we shall see how it goes. In the meantime, have a happy day.

More New Work

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This gray and white Tabby will be listed on eBay or hung in my gallery. I love cats and always wonder what strange and wonderful thoughts they may be thinking. From the expression on his face, this one looks like he is about to pounce. His prey may be a toy or a ball of thread, but in his imagination, I know he is hunting big game.

New Work. Week of Sept. 25

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Little Westie. this is one of my favorite dogs to paint. The just exude life and energy. I have never met an UNfriendly Westie! The people who share their life with Westies seldom refer to them as "pets" but say they are great friends and companions.